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The Story of Sheriff Deuce

Larry Farnsworth watched the previous sheriff of Guano get killed. Not wanting to become the next sheriff, he has until Sunday to find a new lawman or take the job himself. Deuce Feculence is a nine-year-old boy who wants to be sheriff. While most lawmen use a pistol or a rifle, Deuce loads cow patties into his slingshot. He rarely misses his target. Facing difficult odds, he battles with outlaws as the most unique gunslinger in town.

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Meet the Author

Paul Rycus likes to author stories that appeal to young kids. One day, he will write books for adults too, but he feels his readability score rarely tops the fourth-grade level.

He enjoys sports (especially baseball), old movies, and music from the 1970s. Paul and his family live in Southern California.

Paul Rycus
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About B.M.'s Poop Tales

B.M.’s Poop Tales contains a variety of exhilarating and sometimes far-fetched stories.

Who is B.M.? He is more than the man who shortened his name. B.M. is a storyteller and connoisseur of life’s discoveries. He travels the open frontier and tries to experience all the land has to offer. 

B.M. shares his insights with those beckoning to listen. As you’ll discover, every tale includes a reference to poop that will make you smile, but please don’t step into it.

Meet B.M.'s Friends

Say hello to Billy. He is the nephew of B.M. and he listens enthusiastically to all the stories told by his uncle. According to B.M., Billy is his favorite audience.

Meet Larry. He promised to help the people of Guano elect a new sheriff. It wasn’t his choice. He knew the rules and the demands it created on him. Rightfully so, the deputy was scared.

Meet Deuce. He had other ideas and wanted to become the next sheriff. He was a precision shooter armed with a slingshot who could snap a cow patty for a rapid, accurate toss.

Say hello to Lucy. Deuce’s sister was better at shooting cow patties than her younger brother. She had no interest in becoming sheriff as she had plans to be the best baker in Guano.

What Readers Are Saying

Paul Rycus writes like a fourth grader. It’s no wonder the kids love to read B.M.’s Poop Tales.

The themes of courage and resilience from unexpected places work well within a humorous story.

Jan I.

Thousand Oaks, CA.

Your work is funny, clever, a bit weird and enjoyable! I’m very interested in seeing what happens next.

Jeff W.

Temecula, CA.

Upcoming Book

Another book from B.M.’s Poop Tales features B.M. and his nephew Billy as they tell the story of The Meadow Muffin Bakery.

Meet Atticus Wangsdorf. He and his family moved to Poopsville with the hopes of making a fresh start. Traveling from town to town, the Wangsdorf family were gypsies at best. Along with his wife Bonnie and their two teenage children, they opened a bakery in the local town square. Soon, we discover not every treat is sweet. All seems normal, or is it?

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